Relaxing massages

Our name stands for relaxation

Our careful and perfect selection of relaxing and therapeutic of the wisest massage, Asian traditions, make our Oriental Massage Center in Madrid, a unique place to remove accumulated tension and relax both your body and mind. We invite you to embark upon traditional arts of healing journey and explore new ways to cultivate the inner peace, improve personal health status, strengthen your inner power and deepen your connection with others.


Balinese Massage Madrid

The traditional Pijat Bali bodywork use the basis of massage techniques as effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, skin rolling, acupressure, friction, pumping, stretching, etc.
The massage techniques can be related with the four elements and are sometimes light (wind), deep (earth), vigorous and energetic (fire) or  flowing and enfolding (water).
Rich and varied, smooth and tonic, Pijat Bali provides an immediate and deep relaxation. An excellent relaxation massage that also responds to the need for Relieving, therapeutic and liberating massage.
Traditional Balinese massages are performed from a global and comprehensive vision of the body and facilitate the reconciliation of body and mind. Now Pijat Bali indonesian massage in Madrid, Spain.


In China the general term for massage is Anmo (按摩). Tui-You (推油) or Zhi Ya (指压) is a form of Chinese massage based on acupressure.
It is like a traditional and therapeutic Tui Na massage except that the focus is more on pinching, kneading, tapping and pressing at acupuncture meridians and points.
Chinese oil Tui-you massage is an experience of pampering or relaxation and a intense form of deep tissue therapy.
Our Chinese massage with oil is holistic in its orientation, which means that massage is understood to affect the patient's entire being, not just his or her physical body.
Now, you have Chinese Massage Therapy in Madrid, Spain.


Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage is a therapeutic technique based on the teachings and practices of the ancient Hawaiian Kahunas. In the language of native Hawaiians, "huna" means "secret knowledge" and a master practitioner of any of the Huna arts is known as a "Kahuna".
Lomi Lomi hawaiian massage technique is very vigorous and rhythmic. The masseuse uses his or her fingers, palms, wrists and even their forearms as they move rhythmically around the massage table. These rhythmic motions alone have a deeply relaxing effect quite apart from the muscle relaxation that comes with a conventional massage. Lomi-Lomi massage is a type of healing bodywork that connects the mind, body, and spirit and is both gentle and deep. Now, in our Massage Center in Madrid.


Thai Massage or Nuad Boran is an ancient system of healing with its roots in Hatha Yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, chinese medicine and massage and influence Buddhist spiritual practice. This unique and complete system of Yoga therapy combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, gentle twisting, deep stretching and meditation. Thai Massage releases tension, increases vitality and creates wholeness of mind, body and spirit.
The best Thai therapist massage by female 4 hand massage, foot reflexology massage, relaxing thai oil massage, full body Thai massage deep tissue.
Our massage center in Madrid are conveniently located very nearly Retiro Park, Plaza de Toros (bullring) of Las Ventas and Goya shopping area.
Relaxing Professional Thai massage in Madrid, Spain.

Relaxing massages

Our name stands for relaxation

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