Special Massages

The best traditions of massage and bodywork

Massage therapies include Asian Holistic techniques with an energetic therapy combination, deep Healing, Reflexology, Acupressure, Invigorating Bodywork and Muscle Release, all of which synchronize intuitive body and energy work to identify, balance and heal, leaving an organic healing process to naturally spread.


Four-hands massage has a relaxing power that trumps other massage forms because a massage completed by two sets of hands feels as if your surrounded with fluid massage sensations. When Four Hands contact your body at the same time your mind reacts differently. You find you cannot keep track of what each therapist is doing and your mind quickly gives up control. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go and relaxing during sessions.
Exclusive and Unique Four hands Massage in Madrid, Spain.


Hot Stone Massage is a form of bodywork that involves the application of heated stones (thermotherapy) to the body within the context of a therapeutic massage.
Your therapist will use a combination of two techniques during the massage treatment: the stones will be used as an extension of their hands to sink more deeply into the muscles while massaging; and the traditional hawaiian lomi lomi massage style to provide an effective healing therapy.
Now, enjoy hight quality Lomi ‘Ili‘Ili Hot Stone Massage in Madrid for your wellbeing.
This polynesian massage treatment addresses the many levels of healing necessary to restore balance in the body, mind and soul.

Hot stone massage

Hot stone massage
75 €
60 min.


Traditional chinese foot reflexology massage consists of a foot bath followed by an intense massage on various pressure points in the feet, ankles and legs.
Traditional Chinese foot massage to boost your energy and to strengthen your wei qi (Superficial Defensive Energy or Defense Qi) and help your body heal faster.
Acupressure Reflexology Chinese Massage an hour long relaxing foot and reflexology treatment for your feet in our Xiao Ying Center in Madrid.
Using the ancient art of Chinese Reflexology, our masseurs provide you with the most enjoyable reflexology foot massage experience to heal your mind, body, and soul.

Special Massages

The best traditions of massage and bodywork

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